360Dialog Pricing - new number VS number porting

New number

Register with 360Dialog with a new number, this way 360Dialog charge you directly for a monthly API usage fee of $5 + charging for conversations meeting the 360Dialog pricing terms.

Migrate a number

If you migrate your number to UChat via 360Dialog, you are charged by UChat and 360Dialog will charge UChat. UChat will have to separately bill you for conversations outside the free limit.

UChat will charge you $20/month for manually managing your billing with 360Dialog.

Official API Charges

$5/month price is a base price. If you send template messages, the price increase according to your usage. 360Dialog Pricing


We recommend that subscribers sign-up with 360Dialog and register a new number to eliminate any confusion in billing, to avoid having multiple payment dates and also to avoid extra $20/month charges.

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