How to show the true caller phone number?


I set up an IVR with Uchat and Signalwire and it works great. However, when it forwards to a team member's phone, the original caller's phone number isn't visible. It's only our Signalwire phone that appears because that's where the call is being forwarded from. Is there a way to see the caller's logging into Signalwire? Can anyone share their set-up with voice bots forwarding to a phone number?


In this document, you will learn how to properly set up to show the caller number when you transfer phone calls.

Please note this is only available for the Voice channel

  • 2 Options to show the caller ID

By default, when you are transferring phone calls to your agent, the caller ID will show your twilio or SignalWire phone number.

This is for privacy reasons.

However, in some cases, the customer wants to see the real caller ID, then you need to set up as per the below instructions;

  • Step 1: Select question node in the flow builder

  • Step 2: Select transfer, and then click up the "Advanced settings", and you will see the caller ID option.

Select "Caller Phone Number" then when you are transferring a phone call to your agent, your agent will see the real phone number that called.

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