How to join UChat affiliate program?

UChat has an affiliate program and it is FREE for everyone to join.

Please note, our affiliate offer and commission changes from time to time. You can find more details on the referral program page in UChat Dashboard.

How to enroll in the UChat affiliate program?

In order to join the UChat affiliate program, you need to have an account with UChat. To register please visit the UChat website at

Get your unique affiliate link Once you log in to your UChat account, at the top right corner, you can find the "referral program" from the drop-down list.

In UChat, there are 2 ways users can get commission fees:

  • 20% Agency Commission

  • 10% Referral Commission

It is important to understand the difference between a 'UChat User' and a 'Workspace'. For more information please click here.

When a user registers and logs in, they are logging into their account as a 'UChat User' with their login email address. See the upper right corner (image above) for the current user.

A 'UChat User' can join many 'Workspaces'. See the upper left corner (image above) for the current workspace.

How to get 20% Agency Commission:

  • condition:

The user needs to have an Agency/Agency Plus 'Workspace' either LTD or a monthly/yearly subscription. Now, when anyone subscribes to UChat under their custom domain, they get a 20% commission for each qualified sale. Similarly, if the 'UChat User' pays for their client's subscription fee, the agency gets 20% off as a discount.

  • how to receive payment:

From the dashboard of the agency workspace, go to integrations, then select stripe and connect your Stripe account to receive the commission payments.

To get 10% Referral Commission:

  • Condition:

The user needs to have a 'UChat User', regardless of the number of 'Workspace' they are part of or the plan of the 'Workspace' they are subscribed to, it is not about 'Workspace', rather it's about the 'UChat User'. So an Agency 'Workspace' owner can still access and promote the referral program.

  • How to receive payment:

On the referral page, go to payouts and set up a PayPal account to receive the commission payments.

Affiliate Assets On the referral program page, you can find:

  1. Our affiliate commission policy

  2. Your affiliate link

  3. Assets including video & image for you to share with your audience

  4. Status: you can track how many clicks and sales coming from your affiliate link.

  5. Payout: Set up your payment account to receive the payout.

Affiliate Payout

Our payout policy is below:

  1. The payout is paid through a Paypal account.

  2. Minimum Payout is $100USD

  3. We have 30 days refund policy, so the payout will be any earning older than 30 days.

  4. Payout will be 1st of every month. (if 1st of the month is falling on a weekend or a public holiday then the payment will be made on the next working day after the 1st of the month)

If you got any questions regarding our affiliate program, you can contact UChat support.

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